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If you get a set of custom dentures, they can make a world of difference in your daily life. For many men and women in Richardson, Texas, their only regret about getting dentures is waiting so long to make the decision. Dr. Lily Morgan takes pride in creating dentures that restore proper dental function, aesthetics, and most importantly, pride. If you’d like to learn more about how traditional or all-on-four dentures can change your life, schedule an appointment at Ellem Dental by phone or with the simple online tool.

Dentures Q & A

Why choose dentures?

People who’ve experienced advanced dental decay and lost teeth have a poorly functioning bite. They may also suffer from a loss of confidence because their smile is no longer what it once was.

While the urge to keep your remaining teeth is certainly understandable, this is often not the most practical approach. Dr. Morgan provides a thorough examination for determining whether your remaining teeth are salvageable. Typically, extracting the remaining teeth and choosing a full set of dentures is the best available option.

Dentures serve to replace missing teeth and help you to speak and eat normally. Many people who get dentures are also pleased with the positive change in the contours of their face once the dentures fill out their mouth and jaw area.

Before treatment begins, Dr. Morgan takes the time to listen to your concerns and create a plan of action that meets your needs and goals. There’s no such thing as an “ideal smile,” but there are plenty of ways to make the absolute most out of the smile you have.

What are all-on-four implants?

All-on-four dental implants are a blend of dental implant and denture technologies. In some ways, these implants offer the best of both worlds: The secure placement of implants with a cost closer to that of dentures.

All-on-four dentures are mounted on four surgically implanted posts. These posts serve as anchors that hold a row of custom-crafted prosthetic teeth. Once in place, all-on-four implants look and perform just like natural teeth.

What’s the process for getting all-on-four implants?

Dr. Morgan determines whether any remaining teeth require extraction and if you have sufficient bone tissue to anchor the implants.

If you’re a good candidate for implants, you’ll receive a sedative to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Four incisions are made to open your gum tissue and allow access to your jawbone. Dr. Morgan drills a pilot hole before installing the implant posts directly into your bone tissue.

After you’ve had a couple of months to heal and allow your bone tissue to fuse to the implant materials, Dr. Morgan attaches your dentures to the four top and bottom implant posts. Once in place, another healing period allows your gum tissue to recover.

The result is a restored smile and the preservation of bone tissue within your jaw. If you’d like to meet with Dr. Morgan to learn more about smile rehab at Ellem Dental, schedule an appointment today.